Pasargad Jonub Civil & Engineering Company

Pasargad Jonub was established in 1994 with the aim to participate in development and national projects. From the very start, utmost effort has been made in the execution of the projects. In this respect we have the privilege of working with a team of experienced experts and highly qualified technical employees. Our Board Members enjoy extensive management backgrounds in various national projects.

The main focus of our Board of Directors and colleagues has been the quality of the job rendered and the client satisfaction. Pasargad Jonub has the honor of constantly collaborating with South Pars Special Economic Energy Zone, National Iranian South Oil Company, Iran Grains Organization, Morvarid Petrochemical Company, Khatam Construction and Ports & Maritime Organization.




Company’s Fields of Activity as per Articles of Association

1. Designing and implementing installations, urban development and infrastructure projects, inter alia, bridges, railways, and dam construction, pipelines for hospitals and heavy structures;
2. Rendering engineering management services, inter alia, management, design, construction and supervision;
3. Investing and entering into partnership in the field of procurement and supply of construction materials, machinery and tools, export and import of goods related to the subject of company;
4. Attracting local and foreign capital and partnership and obtaining agency from reputable international companies as per IR Iran laws and regulations;
5. Establishing branch offices and granting agency inside and outside Iran.


16” & 32” pipeline constructional

works for NGL3200 CNG & LPG Factory
Employer: Darya Sahel Institute
Date of Conclusion: January 2016
Contract Price: 177,076,520,000 R


Oil & gas transmission pipelines from Azar Oil Field

Employer: Iran Arvin- Sarvak Azar
Date of Conclusion: January 2016
Contract Price: 970,000,000,000 R


Ardebil Airport Haj Terminal works

Employer: State Airports Holding Co
Date of Conclusion: August 2012
Contract Price: 176,435,369,765 R


NGL3100 non-industrial building construction

Employer: National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Company
Date of Conclusion: August 2012
Contract Price: 201,843,400,000 R


Implementing Ministry of Petroleum projects

Employer: Iranian Offshore Engineering and
Construction Company
Date of Conclusion: June 2012
Contract Price: 21,500,000,000 R


Haftkel Oil Field Optimization Project

Employer: Oil & Energy Industries Development Co
Date of Conclusion: May 2012
Contract Price: 62,376,008,967 R


Claint Camp of RAMSHIR Oil Field as EPC

Employer: OIEC
Date of Conclusion: December 2019
Contract Price: 200,686,851,746 R


GOHREH – JASK Pump Station No.2

Employer: Asfalt Tous
Date of Conclusion: January 2020
Contract Price: 1,597,330,308,899 R




Having a brilliant background and well-trained and benefitting from experienced manpower within the framework of an enterprise, PASARGAD JONUB (Private Joint Stock) works in design and implementation of installations and equipment, oil, gas and petrochemical, industrial and construction projects. To this end, the vision of the company is achieving satisfaction of all stakeholders through determining their requirements and striving to meet the same.
According to such a vision, the company’s manager is committed to base the management system as per OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 and provide proper grounds for continuous improvement of its effectiveness to ensure achieving the following principles:
- Observing HSE principles and regulations and reducing pollutants, occupational diseases and HSE accidents through preventive and educational measures and establishing awareness and a safe workplace;
- Customer-orientation as the main basis and customer satisfaction through understanding customers’ needs and requirements by a proper quality, reasonable price and timely delivery;
- Effective presence in the market and increasing the market share;



 - Recruiting and maintaining efficient manpower committed to keeping the quality and striving to enhance their knowledge and professional skills through continuous and purposeful trainings;
- Developing and extending effective communication and interaction with all stakeholders, inter alia, customers, employees, suppliers and relevant organizations;
- Optimizing the resources and energy consumption;
- Remaining committed to observation of governmental, national and international laws and regulations, requirements applied by the employer, etc.;
- Promoting the culture of employee participation in all affairs to increase optimization and manage cost optimization.
While announcing that all the employees are responsible for precise and effective implementation of QMS and industrial health and safety, it is expected that the esteemed colleagues consider the qualitzy policy in their activities, being fully aware of the entire purport thereof.

Best Regards,
Managing Director- Mohammadardalan Ansari



Masoud PariziFuad KhandanMohammad Karimi

( Managing Director & Member of the Board of Directors )

Academic Records:
Bachelor’s degree in the field of civil engineering from Amir Kabir University
of Technology (Polytechnic)

Service Records:
- (since 2001) Pasargad Jonub Company, technical executive of Tehran Head Office
Project Manager of initial part of Iranshahr- Chabahar Gas Pipeline;
Project Manager of NGL3100 Non-Industrial Buildings;
Project Manager of Temerchin Border Terminal
- (1997- 2001) National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Co.;
In charge of Mashhad Airport Fuel Supply Project
Site Supervisor for Turkmenbashi Refinery Gasoline Production Unit
(Turkmensitan) -NIOC ((1992-1997) Aghar and Dalan CNG Project, project engineering affairs
- (1991- 1992) Rastab Consulting Engineers, Alashtar Plain Water Supply Project
- (1990- 1991) NIOC (Moharram Project), In charge of Civil Affairs for Second
Lot of 42” Pipeline

( Chairman of the Board of Directors )

Academic Records:

Bachelor’s degree in the field of civil engineering from Damascus University (Syria)


Service Records:

- technical executive of Tehran Head Office
- (since 2001) Pasargad Jonub Company
Person in Charge of Haj Terminal
Project of Ardebil Airport
Person in Charge of Haftkal Oil Field Optimization Project
Project Manager of Eghlid and Darab Silos
Project Manager of Abadan triplets Buildings
Executive of Abadan Blown Tar Refinery
Deputy Supervisor of Housing Development Site in Farashband Region
Project Manager of Arak Coal Tar (3rd phase)
- (1990- 2001) NIOC (Aghar and Dalan CNG Project)
Executive of Aban 21-Storey Administrative Tower Project in Tehran
Deputy Supervisor of Aghar and Dalan Projects Site (Aghar Central Facilities,
Wellhead Installations pipelines and collection center located in Aghar Gas Field)


( Member of the Board of Directors )

Academic Records:

Bachelor’s degree in the field of civil engineering, UK

Service Records:
-(since 2001) Pasargad Jonub Company, Kazeroun Silo Project Manager
Project Manager of Sport Complex and Assalouyeh Cargo Terminal
- (1990- 2001) NIOC (Aghar and Dalan CNG Project)
Coordinating Supervisor on 42” Pipeline for CNG Transmission from Farash band to Maroun Area
Supervisor of Civil Part of Aghar and Dalan CNG Project
Executive Supervisor of Farashband Gas Refinery
Executive Supervisor of Facilities Center of Aghar and Dalan CNG Project
Supervisor of project on Collection Centers and Pipelines of Aghar region
- (1982- 1990) Arsika Consulting Engineers
- (March 1982-October 1982) Omran Zamin Consulting Engineers Co.
Supervising Engineer of Concrete Tanks in Khouzestan
- (October 1981- March 1982) Sedakh Company
Site Supervisor of Bandar Abbas Water and Wastewater System


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Address: 3th Floor,No.23, 6th Alley, Nobakht St. , Khorramshahr St.